Helix vault technology brings important information straight to your mobile phone. PDF's, documents, benefit cards, and employee information can all be stored on our secure document vault. 

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Vault technology enabels you to securely store important documents with ease. Medical documents, insurance PDF's, company policies, employee manual's, insurance cards, and more. 

Store Documents
Email/Print Documents
Store Cards
In Your Pocket

Upload important employee PDF's to our secure vault for your employees to access anytime. 

  • Store unlimited documents (PDF's)

  • Easy search and scroll feature

  • Anytime updates

  • Open and print

  • Create multiple document folders

  • and more...
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Never Leave Home Without Them

Our cards portal is elegantly simple. Upload all employee medical cards, benefits cards, employee data, EOB information, or any data that can fit on a spreadsheet and separated by employee name. Once uploaded, it appears in each employee's vault. 

  • Benefit cards
  • Insurance cards
  • EOB data
  • Employee rosters
  • Company phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • and more...
Iron-Clad Security

Helix servers and services are protected behind a 256bit encrypted private network and are fully HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Mobile Secure
  • National government quality encryption
  • 256-bit key
  • Segregated data user-data servers
  • SSL certified load-balancing
  • User-Admin segregation
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Control All Your Company

Vault is easily managed through your admin portal. Drop documents in, swap documents out—all while controlling all versions across your entire company. Making sure your employees have the right information at their fingertips has never been this easy. 

  • Add a document(s) to any employee
  • Send the same document to multiple employees with one click
  • Set a document at the company level so all employees inherit the same document (handbooks, policies, etc)
  • Delete documents from employee(s) with easy search functions.
  • and more...

Send or print documents from anywhere.

  • Send benefit PDF to your spouse
  • Pring insurance EOB
  • Review employee handbook
  • Print new hire paperwork
  • Carry your insurance card on your phone
  • and more...
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