HelixMD Out Performs All Tele-Health Providers

Improve Benefit ParticipationAdd A Key Benefit To Your OfferingNext Level Employee CommunicationSupport Your Existing Benefit Plans

"HelixMD gives us a competitive advantage in our market by keeping our employees excited about benefits.

Bob K. • Harley Burlington

“It's incredible to actually see a reduction in claims. HelixMD works."

Katie K. • Nurse at Home

"HelixMD is more than tele-health, it's given me a whole new engagement platform with my employees."

Nate C. • Wammer Inc.

What can HelixMD do for your business?

HelixMD provides multiple benefits stretching far beyond the scope of traditional telehealth. 


Add Value to your Clients

HelixMD telehealth works hand-in-hand with any benefit program to reduce healthcare costs. 


Mid-Year Prospecting Advantage

HelixMD provides a fantastic opportunity to speak with your clients during summer open enrollment planning. 


Best In-Class Branding Opportunity

Branding and admin friendly. HelixMD provides no additional cost for your brokerage with our friendly admin automation.


Benefit Communication

Communicate in ways you never imagined. HelixMD ensures optimal benefit utilization using our communication suite.


Supercharge Client Prospecting

No telehealth offering on the market resembles the HelixMD platform in scope and feature. 


New Revenue Streams

HelixMD provides a robust commissionable opportunity while delivering an amazing benefit to your client. 


Benefit Hero

Not only does HelixMD store ALL benefit coverages, it also provides direct links, numbers, and document storage.


Data for New Business Lines

HelixMD makes it possible to assess employees on current benefit needs and communicate new opportunities.

White Glove. Low Touch.

The HelixMD staff does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matter most—your clients. 

Setup clients in minutes instead of months
A full support team to handle the entire process A-Z
Sales materials to support the entire product life-cycle
Mobile application to manage the employee experience
Incredibly simple employee management admin system

HelixMD Provides More Value Than Anyone Else.

Carrier Telemedicine "Other" Vendors HELIXMD
24/7 Physician Access
Claim Reduction
Strategy Support
Nurse Support Access
Wellness Coaching
Benefit Directory
Communication Hub
Form Collection Technology
Short Setup Time
Real-Time Analytics
Medical Device Integration
Notification Technology

HelixMD Simplifies Everything

HelixMD is a red-carpet telemedicine experience.

Is HelixMD hard to enroll?

HelixMD is incredibly simple to enroll employees into. Our cloud architecture and admin portal makes it possible to setup entire telemedicine benefit designs in minutes. We have cleared every hurdle for your business to grow quickly. 

Will I have to spend hours supporting HelixMD clients?

There is very little support required. The days of complicated spreadsheets and monotonous employee management are over. HelixMD is truly a plug-and-play offering. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most. 

Are my clients large enough for HelixMD?

HelixMD's scalable technology enables us to offer telemedicine to any employers of any size. We set out to even the playing field for small to mid sized companies. 

Gain Powerful Benefit Reach

HelixMD puts you in class by yourself

Benefit Access Doesn't Have to be Complicated

  • Helix Navigator can merge all existing benefit services into a single succinct connection repository. Names, numbers, websites, and descriptions are neatly stored in the HelixMD mobile app. Navigate employees to the right benefit with ease while reducing enrollment burden. 
  • Helix Vault will store important employee benefit documents, employee documents, and employee cards. More than document storage, our 256 bit encrypted vault technology can email documents to any outside party or print for easy access. 
  • Helix Vault Admin gives administrative power over documentation. Send any document to any employee straight to their mobile app. Delete, upload, and manage employee groups or send a single document to the entire company. 
  • Helix Notification grants you power to send short notifications to any employee(s) regarding their benefits or any other matter. 
employee benefit management mobile phone

Our Partner Program is the Best Value in the Market


Our platform delivers and unparalleled client experience. Employees love how easy telehealth and benefit access becomes. 


HelixMD positions you to become more valuable to your clients. Deliver medical savings, improve engagement, and drive new benefit opportunities. 


Stop spending time with integrations, employee management, and low utilization rates. Our supportive team will take care of all the heavy lifting. 


Our partner program comes with a best-in-class commission opportunity. Don't let carriers remove you from earning potential.


We take engagement and utilization serious. Your clients will experience phenomenal telehealth results with our advanced communication capabilities. 


HelixMD has no equal offering in the market. Our proprietary technology advances each year with features that continue to set you apart.

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