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What can HelixMD do for your employees?

HelixMD will revolutionize the way you think about telehealth. 


Increase Employee Utilization

HelixMD is less expensive to provide, drives benefit utilization and decreases healthcare costs. 


Supercharge Medical Benefits

Employees love robust medical benefits. Telehealth greatly expands access to medical care—affordably and conveniently.


Benefit Communication

Communicate in ways you never imagined. HelixMD ensures optimal benefit utilization using our communication suite.


Direct Cost Savings

The more employees utilize telehealth services—the greater the reduction in claims—reducing costs to your health plan. 


Talent Aquisition and Maintenance

Telehealth helps you stand out in the crowd. HelixMD is a fantastic value to employees and their loved ones. 


Benefit Hero

Not only does HelixMD store ALL benefit coverages, it also provides direct links, numbers, and document storage.

We Happily Serve Business of All Sizes

At HelixMD, we've eliminated the barrier to telehealth access for companies of all sizes. Our clients range from independent local businesses to large corporations. Our unique cloud infrastructure enables lighting fast telemedicine access; subsequently allowing us to work with everyone. 

What types of clients do we serve? 

  • Small Employers
  • Mid-Size Employers
  • Large Employers
  • Self-Funded
  • Fully-Insured
  • Consultants
  • Brokers
  • TPA's
  • Healthcare organizations
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Already have carrier telemedicine?

HelixMD is right for you.

The Claim Dilemna

As major health insurance carriers continue to roll out telemedicine offerings, they also continue to place the burden on the employer and/or employee. Many carriers treat telemedicine as a claim with co-pays. This process operates exactly like using insurance with a doctor. This is a win-win for the insurance carrier because they lower treatment costs while charging you more for increased claims. 

Problematic Trust

Employees have a notoriously weary perception of insurance carriers—and rightfully so. And when telemedicine is offered through the carrier, employees are reluctant to move forward. Healthcare costs are opaque and unpredictable and employees understand this better than anyone else. The average employee doesn't understand the financial impact of using telemedicine. Which is why the don't. 

Low Utilization

Health insurance carriers are terrible communicators. Benefits are confusing, small print is abundant, and customer service is non-existent. It's no wonder employees usually have no clue a telemedicine benefit exists in the first place. The average carrier utilization rate is 1%. Telemedicine is an amazing benefit that deserves proper communication. 

Nothing is Free

Your "bundled" or "included" carrier telemedicine isn't free. It's true that it might be included with your benefits, but telemedicine requires very expensive staff (Board Certified Physicians) who demand high-end wages. Someone is paying someone to do a very expensive job which is why a claim is often processed. Nothing is free on Carrier Street USA. It's also worth nothing that low utilization rates through carrier telemedicine will cost you greatly. The difference between in-person physician visits and telemedicine is typically hundreds of dollars per visit. 

"HelixMD gives us a competitive advantage in our market by keeping our employees excited about benefits.

Bob K. • Harley Davidson Burlington

“It's incredible to actually see a reduction in claims. HelixMD works."

Katie K. • Nurse at Home

"HelixMD is more than telehealth, it's given me a whole new engagement platform with my employees."

Nate C. • Wammer Inc.

Great Doctors...And So Much More

Telehealth is the backbone of our company, yet we do provide much more value



Employees have 24-7, 365 day access to nationally accredited HelixMD doctors. HelixMD has a national network of over 3,100 experienced healthcare professionals.



HELiX ARc is our proprietary employee conversation technology. Launch forms, questionnaires, and surveys to assess your current benefit offering and future benefit needs. 



With Vault, you'll receive a secure document repository directly inside your app. Store all your benefit PDF's, documents, or benefit card info into HELiX Vault.  

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Telehealth access is only effective when utilized. HelixMD creates exceptional value through our proprietary communication hub—custom emails, campaigns, and text messages are all included. 



The HelixMD mobile app provides a benefit repository to combine all benefit offerings into one place. Easily call benefit representatives, visit benefit websites, and provide additional details when relevant.



Our program leverages the power of group purchasing to negotiate discounts on behalf of our members. Our members regularly save up to 80% on common pharmaceutical drugs.

Consultants & Brokers

HelixMD was built with you in mind

  • Bring a telehealth solution with a proven utilization track-record
  • Improve employee access to the entire benefit offering
  • Introduce new technologies built inside of HelixMD
  • Take control of employee communication
  • Increase access to employee benefit channels
Consultant and Broker

Employees Need HelixMD

Employees want better benefits. HelixMD is the perfect benefit addition to any strategy.

"4 in 5 Employees Want Benefits or Perks More Than a Pay Raise."

-Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey (Q3 2015)

The universe of employee benefits is rapidly expanding. As employees become better consumers of healthcare, they—in return—demand more robust benefits. Simultaneously, employers are looking for new ways to keep and attract these talented individuals; we believe HelixMD can help you do exactly that.

By providing a distinctively unique benefit ecosystem, the service to your employee population drastically improves, resulting in happier, healthier employees.

"HelixMD was created to push employee technology forward. Beautiful architecture, engaging experience, zero touch."

The HELiXMD TEAM       

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Care At Your Fingertips

Care when you need it, where you need it. 


Doctor On Demand

Doctors are standing by 365 days, 24-7. Avg wait time is 10 minutes. 


Happy Clients

HelixMD is proud to boast a 95% average user satisfaction score. 


Mobile App

Our Doctor's are only a button click away through our best-in-class mobile app. 


Family First

Our team of physicians can treat your entire family through one application. 

Are you ready to take the next step?