A Sampling of HelixMD's Medical Technology

The two areas that are changing... are information technology and medical technology. Those are the things that the world will be very different 20 years from now than it is today.




Communicate with your employee population in ways never imagined. Launch and collect form data, provide in-app communication opportunities, text message, email, and notify. 



The HELiXMD clinical architecture allows for seamless data transfer between aggregated data, consumer interfaced data, and individual coordinator data. In other words, our medical team captures all employee health data, determines a communication and engagement strategy, and delivers communication back to the employee through our clinical portal.

To speak plainly, every action that a user can take in the system can be displayed, documented, filtered, and bidirectionally communicated back through the HELiXMD clinical portal. Our clinical architecture is built completely separate from our administrative and employee portals—allowing us maximum security protection over health data. Our HIPAA secured, multi-server cloud is 256-bit symmetric encrypted with the same AES algorithm used by the U.S. government agencies. 


Our intelligent population architecture enables control of your entire population across health segments from one portal. A robust risk analytics report displays risk to risk, and action to action. 


Communication is the key to any successful management strategy. Helix’s communication tracking system brings all relevant contact data, analyzes, organizes, and creates a strategy for outreach. Helix continues to develop outbound communication tools to reinvent population management.


Our clinical technology is built on an industry-leading architecture to enhance employee compliance. We engage your population by taking the conversation direct to their mobile phones, emails, or in-app messaging. 


Optimize benefit utilization by providing all essential information in one place. Store documents, email documents, call benefit providers, view benefit cards—all from within the mobile app.  



HELiXRX brings pharmacy discount programs straight to your smartphone. We collect prices & discounts from thousands of pharmacies and pass the savings on to your employees. It's as simple as opening our app, showing the pharmacist your digital card, and comparing prices on any medication. Our clients have regularly experienced medication savings up to 80%.

Optimize Health

HelixMD provides robust population health tracking and management capabilities. Provide disease management coaching, collect and interpret biometric data, ask important health evaluation questions, and provide healthful content. 


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